Maybe two phone calls via 9.6 kbit/s data call possible Re: encrypted phone calls ; )

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Nov 23 03:51:09 CET 2006

Robert Michel wrote:
> PS:
>> The data call could be made to any ISDN Internet dail in point,
>> or you could use an old GSM phone with modem and RS232 or usb and
>> connect it to a box - e.g. NSLU2 ;)
> Maybe not the best box for encrypted phone calls,
> the ethernet driver is not yet open source.

On the contrary, the latest source builds of the SlugOS firmware for the
NSLU2 contain the new open source IXP NPE ethernet driver.  We expect
that it will also be included in upcoming Debian builds too.  The only
thing left that is not open source on the NSLU2 is the proprietary
microcode required for loading into the Intel IXP Network Processing

BTW, there are quite a few people running Asterisk on NSLU2 devices.

And for the obligatory bluetooth reference :-), I currently use an NSLU2
as a bluetooth gateway for my Treo 650 at home, cause my GPRS rate in
Australia is 2c per Kb (yes KILO-byte, not Mb).

-- Rod
-- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead

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