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Tapani Pälli tapani.palli at
Thu Nov 23 09:02:11 CET 2006

ext Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve collin!
> On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, collin at wrote:
>> Quoting Joe Bushong <joe.bushong at>:
>>> All I really want from the Neo is a GPS application that helps me when
>>> I have gone senile and can't find my car in a big parking lot. Ideally
>>> it would constantly monitor my speed and "mark" the last place I
>>> changed from driving speeds to a long period of walking speeds. No
>>> user interaction until I ask it, "Where is my car in relation to where
>>> I am right now?" and it displays a big arrow and distance reading.
> The smart point of Joe's idea that you don't have to act every time
> you park your car - it is automaticaly a backup for your memory.
> Interaction only when it is neccessary.

I think these kinds of things would be doable if user could 'tag'
locations based on available bluetooth or wifi hotspot data. Then later
on device can make assumptions : "I can see this wifi now so I must be
at/near location A", "I can see paired bt-device which is car's wireless
headset so I must be near users car". System could also store last gps
location when car's headset (or whatever user has customized) was visible.

>> If you park in a public garage you don't have gps, so your app wouldn't 
>> work.

(see above, could 'fix' this problem!)

> Or you can chare information that you have visited special locations
> (mountains, citys, shops, restaurants) with your friends - online or
> offline.

This would be really nice feature.

// Tapani

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