NSLU2 as server for Neo1973 - not only for developers or encrypted phone calls Re: Maybe two phone calls via 9.6 kbit/s data call possible Re: encrypted phone calls ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Nov 23 12:39:35 CET 2006

Salve Rod!

First, thank you (and the other) who free the NSLU2
- I mention the NSLU2 here on so the list, because
in client/server solutions are much power, e.g.
- reduce (GPRS) traffic / comunication costs
- could forward landline/Voip calls
- security
- usability
- ...
and I think the NSLU2 is very apt ;) to be a good partner device
for the Neo1973.

I have the hope, that an open plattform OpenMoko/Neo1973
will motivate/help people to do not use only the free services
paid with advertisement and selling user privacy:
skype, icq, msn.., gmail... - I'm shooked how many companies
do use this services just because of qick and dirty IT solutions.

So when the Neo1973 does support chat (Jabber) and VPN via GPRS,
it would be nice that normal user get an easy system where to
tunnel to, and to set up there a server.
Jabber could become "that" protocol for exchanging user informations
like status...

And DNS could become the primary tool to keep contacts longlive working,
instead of telephone number or email adresses on free services...

There is a phrase in German 
"Der Teufel scheißt immer auf den größten Haufen" 
'The Devil always shits on the biggest pile'

It won't be easy that it became populare (again) to have a 
self-determinated, self-controlled contact organisation.

That every company, NGO, group of friends, family or
user has his own server and that this server exchange
information (encrypted) ony P2P without a central services
(beside DNS).

Rod Whitby schrieb am Donnerstag, den 23. November 2006 um 13:21h:

> Robert Michel wrote:
> > PS:
> >> The data call could be made to any ISDN Internet dail in point,
> >> or you could use an old GSM phone with modem and RS232 or usb and
> >> connect it to a box - e.g. NSLU2 ;)
> > Maybe not the best box for encrypted phone calls,
> > the ethernet driver is not yet open source.
> On the contrary, the latest source builds of the SlugOS firmware for the
> NSLU2 contain the new open source IXP NPE ethernet driver.  

Excuse me that my english is not so good and it was late in the
night (again). I wanted to express that it worth it care about
a full free open device without closed driver to have a more
trustworthy device *AND* that privacy is a good reason to use
a cheap, debian supported, low power consumpting device as
24/24h server at home/office (trustworthy enviroment)
in combination with the Neo1973. 
And this not only for developers, just for every user.

> BTW, there are quite a few people running Asterisk on NSLU2 devices.

And a lot of asterisk developers are looking forward to have a cheap,
powerfull, low power consumpting device that could be used as server ;)

And AFAIK the RS232 hack make it possible to use old GSM phones with GSM 
modem and serial connector...
> And for the obligatory bluetooth reference :-), I currently use an NSLU2
> as a bluetooth gateway for my Treo 650 at home, cause my GPRS rate in
> Australia is 2c per Kb (yes KILO-byte, not Mb).

Wlan router could be interesting, too - but I think a device without the
function DSL-login/routing, Firewall...
just telephone/jabber/Neo1973 server could make thinks more easyser
- plug in your personal communication server...

In my eyes is the NSLU2 the best "partner" (supplement) for a Neo1973
and to develop special Asterisk/Neo1973 distribution very interesting.

> -- Rod
> -- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead
Good to have you active here on this list ;)


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