Ben's idea of simulation or GUI act like typical other phones

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Nov 23 14:00:32 CET 2006

Salve Ben, *!

Robert Michel schrieb am Donnerstag, den 23. November 2006 um 01:06h:
> On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, Ben F-W wrote:

> > One point on ease-of-use, by the way... there's currently a large chunk 
> > of people who only ever plan to buy the brand of phone they're currently 
> > using. Nokia has a large chunk of these followers, but other companies 
> > have sizeable portions as well.

[some feedbay from me]

> > The reason these people are wedded to their current manufacturer is the 
> > differences in interface between the systems. On a Nokia, you press the 
> > Power button once to select ring style - on most other phones, that 
> > doesn't work.
> The neo doesn't have so many buttons, but a VGA screen :)))
> > On a Nokia, the "space" button when typing is the zero - 
> > on other phones, it's 1, # or a variety of other options. 
> I understood your points, but IMHO forget how other phones are
> used. Imagine which GUI with 640x480 and touchscreen is possible ;)

Your idea is good to simulate the behavior of other phones, to have
2-4 telephone styles that make it more easier to switch to the Neo1973
but I dislike the idea because this will narrow mind us ony to 
copy existing solution - made for devices with much smaller screens,
without touchscreens *and* influenced by the interest of the GSM-network

Of course we should not forget that a totaly different interface could
scare away new users - but first we should be free and open minded.

But I like your idea for another point - when somebody ask you to
borrow him you phone I would like have (new) useraccount guest and
by switching into this account I would like to have
- a short menue what the (new) user are alowed to do
- protect my personal data (addressbook, SMS, mail... filesystem
- restrict the telephone (no calls to expensive numbers, 
- protect to pickup incomming calls (with other numbers than the
  guest had made
- hide the nameresolution of incomming calls or even the numbers
- ringtone ||: "ring - please give the phone back to me" :||
- incomming SMS/calls could be singnalisated via BT to the phoneowner
- when an asterisk annouced a second call (via GPRS) or the phone
  support knocking for a second call - the guest and his caller parter
  could get a voice annoucement "sorry, this call will be interupted,
  in 15 seconds, please call again later" and be kicked, or just
  put into "hold" after a short anoucement "for a second call this
  connection will be hold - please wait"
- Informations about length and probably cost - caused by the guest

- and offer the guest a menue wich style of phone he would like
  to use
A guest would like "just to call" and do not want to think much
about how to use this new interface..

And I know there where some phone simulators for different modells
for developers - it could be interesting (for developers) to run
this 1:1 emulations 

But the guest phone styles mustn't be 1:1 clones - it would be
enough when they looks familar to Nokia, Samsung or Motorola 

And it could be that you are right, that even with a very handy
interface for the Neo1973, users would like to use this guest
skins as there normal interface,
but IMHO we should think about to make the Neo1973 phone functions
more handy and better than other phones and think about familar
styles, later.

So again, your idea to think about habitual user 
is IMHO a good one, especialy for one-guest user.


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