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Richard Franks schreef:
> On 11/23/06, Tapani Pälli <tapani.palli at> wrote:
>> > [location tagging]
>> I think these kinds of things would be doable if user could 'tag'
>> locations based on available bluetooth or wifi hotspot data. Then later
>> on device can make assumptions : "I can see this wifi now so I must be
>> at/near location A", "I can see paired bt-device which is car's wireless
>> headset so I must be near users car". System could also store last gps
>> location when car's headset (or whatever user has customized) was
>> visible.
> I'm not sure I understand why transient sources (bluetooth + wifi
> hotspots) would be more useful for mapping the locatity than AGPS?  I
> mean, even if the Neo1973 did have support for bluetooth+wifi, you
> would lose your reference points if someone else turns off their
> bluetooth device, or spills coffee over their wireless hub?

Image I were driving from Key West to Everglade city and the local telco's (cingular,
verizon, etc) don't provide agps. I know the location of parking meters, since they
broadcast an ad-hoc 'HP' ssid, so I could use that info to get a approx (~100m) location.
There are a *lot* of accesspoint a long the major highways you can navigate on. has some nice suggestions and a reference (ugh.. java..) implementation.


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