ideas for radio amateurs ...modify of USB-Wifi

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Nov 23 16:07:56 CET 2006

Salve *!

Robert Michel schrieb am Donnerstag, den 23. November 2006 um 15:28h:
> Beside finding other people, for radio beacon would be IMHO 433 Mhz
> cheaper - so I like add a 433 Mhz to a mobile ;)

It would be good when the Neo could have an audio in as well, for
- analog headset
- (low quality) (timed) recording (interview, radio..)
- receiving wether fax or packet radio 
  (for sailers, radio amateurs)

But I fear that the SoC is to slow for digital radio mondial
decoding it in real time - but I'm shure you could record the news
and hear it later:  

DRM allows also to broadcast data. This could be programm information,
pictures (like wether maps) or software - 
e.g. BBC could transmitt educational software (java) and the
vocabulary for one lessen.

Radio amateurs could use the Neo1973 as interface for their equipement.

And see the German page:
*only* Radio amateurs does have the licence to modify the frequency of Wifi
and these devices are only allowed to communicate
- with other radio amateurs
- without encryption of the communication.

Changing the quarz and modify the driver could also work with a
usb wifi-adapter.

Because the Neo1973 offers a USB host mode (it's a pitty that it is 
unpowered, yet) a radio amateur could like the Neo1973 and to use
it to connect to digipeater for packet radio or maybe also voice...

Does somebody knows a good linux ham portal page?
Or other good links?

Interesting radio amateurs to develope with OpenMoko/Neo1973 could
help us ;)


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