[Wish time] Re: My dream device

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Nov 23 18:22:59 CET 2006

Salve Gabriel, Michael* !

Michael Lauer schrieb am Donnerstag, den 23. November 2006 um 18:02h:
> Ah wishlist time! Here we go...

First I thought  - "Oh no - this isn't productive and 
will only help competitors to develop better devices...
when I spoke about hardware, I tried to use the chance
that small hardware changes be made before the desin
is final..."

> The Hermes specs look nice, however I'd like
> to substitute a couple of things:
> > Samsung SC32442A-400MHz stacked CPU
> Freescale i.mx31

The SoC for the Neo1973 - so what does your dreaming
would help?

And hardware restirctions are good to become creative
to use as much of the given power and potential ;)))

But then I thought - ok, let us be openminded and
dream what next generation phones could have...
When we want to develope OpenMoko as long term 
strategie - a brainstorming about a "dream device"
and collecting these dreans in the wiki as look into
next generation
wouldn't be so bad ;)

> > IrDA
> Nah... that's ancient ;)
No! I have a portable printer working with Irda
and many people have still devices Irda/RS232 only.
one UART and two diodes doesn't hurt ;)

But beside of that discussion, I will love the Neo1973,
because it's openess is unique and lack of hardware 
isn't so important.

So after dreaming come down and please tell us,
What new ideas for OpenMoko did you got?
And what of this long term ideas could started,
influence the design of OpenMoko of today?

So happy dreaming ;)


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