Drawing raw pixels to screen..

Richard Franks richard.franks at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Thu Nov 23 18:45:26 CET 2006

One thing the 480x640 (standard usage orientation) resolution allows for
is the ability to create UI designs not limited by small displays of the
past, corporate/managerial conservative weighting factors against
creative(ly different) UIs or branding constraints. That is - your
standard phone interface is limited by the *perception* of what the
lowest common end-user denominator can handle.

It's a gamble, but also one which has paid off well for Apple in the

UI design also marks the difference between complexity and simplicity
with regards the potentially bewildering flexibility an open-source
phone offers.

Although the UI-screenshots look very nicely designed indeed, I'm
interested in pursuing some of the 'far-out' unconventional UI concepts
I've been pondering.

Fundamental to this though, is how quickly the Neo1973 can update its
display - is it possible to get some FPS figures for just a simple for
XY loop?


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