Application suggestions - a compilation

Ben F-W openmoko at
Sat Nov 25 02:29:48 CET 2006

Phew. As suggested, I've been through all posts to the list so far and 
noted down everyone's suggestions for applications: the result is in 
both ODS and PDF.

Please note that this list deliberately didn't include promotional ideas 
('limited offer' discount etc) or hardware/technical suggestions, 
although this line was sometimes hard to draw. My rough definition was 
whether it was something I'd expect to explain to an end user without 
getting a blank look.

Looking over the suggestions, I'm partly impressed by the sheer number 
of them. The mailing list has been running almost two weeks, and we've 
already generated 61 different ideas. A special mention has to go to 
Robert Michel here, with 31 of these.

There are several reasons why this could be useful (other than a fun way 
to spend my Friday evening, of course). Firstly, it is one way to make 
sure that potentially-great ideas are not lost somewhere in the recesses 
of the mailing list. These ideas are our best thoughts so far on how to 
ensure this product appeals to both ourselves and a wider market.

Secondly, it could be useful as a springboard to generate more ideas: 
try reading down the list and see if anything inspires you. And thirdly, 
it provides a rough 'categorisation' of the ideas, so we can see which 
set of functions are inspiring people the most. Currently - and 
unsurprisingly - that's the GPS side of things, with 11 of the 
suggestions centred around Geolocation. This is the most unique part of 
the Neo, and I very much doubt we've exhausted the possibilities here.

If this does inspire any thoughts, or if I've missed any important 
suggestions out, do please reply on-list. I'm now away for the next 9 
days or so, but I hope Sean / Michael can co-ordinate further idea 
collection in between now and when the wiki goes up?



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