first ideas Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sat Nov 25 05:57:11 CET 2006

Salve !

Robert Michel schrieb am Samstag, den 25. November 2006 um 04:22h:
> So also is no semi-3D zooming and need that the icons fidget like on the
> M$ zune - the userer don't need these animations to now that his icon
> selection has moved to right or up...

I could see this "multi-touch" videos nonstop the whole night...

The visible feeback by pressing a virtual key, e.g. "1" when you call
could be influenced by the pressure and the area size you press.
(in 3d the virtuall key could move more to the corner you press more)
I dislike (virtual) key sounds but this could be influenced by the way
you press the key as well...

Why? Because this would be authentic - much much more than everytime the
same animation when you press your plasic navigation key...

When the virtual keys are quite dark, they could glue (become bright)
when they are pressed.

So with the force of the pressure a keystroke dynamic keyboard/synthy 
would be possible with the Neo1973 hardware.

And beside of playing Pong with 2 player - I can imagine that much much
more would be possible - to work/play together on a Neo, or to split
the screen (or just using diverent windows)

I already thought about to let two persons do two phonecalls at the same
time with one Neo1973:
Maybe two phone calls via 9.6 kbit/s data call possible Re: encrypted
phone calls ; ) 

So "multi-touch" would allows to have to diverent menus.

Or on one table 2 persons could sit vis-a-vis and everybody would have
640x240 or 320x480 to do what ever he likes - writing SMS/email,
reading, browsing... playing...

In the same way it could be possible that 2 or more people playing
on "their" keyboard at the same time (melodies) with different sound
- with sticks instead of fingers a third could play bass and another
could do drum/percussion...

And in case that the CPU would be to slow for your ideas/programms
using multi-touch - keep in mind that you could use FreeNX (via USB,
Wlan,GPRS) to make the Neo1973 your mobil terminal *with* multi-touch
and the 3D calculation (or big database manipulation, sientific calculation
game rendering.....)would be done on a black box.
It's likely (I think) that then the next generation of hardware for OpenMobile 
will have an 3D grafic coprocessor on board....
the Neo1973 your mobile 

Does somebody have ideas how to edit text with the help of multi-touch?

IMHO funny was the virtual keyboard, transparent over the desktop
- what was Jeff idea - that it could move automaticaly while typing?
People who type with 1-2 fingers would proffit when the keyboard 
area also provide other informations...

Last idea for this night from me: multi-touch could maybe also be used
for a new (fast/secure) login concept


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