virtual instruments Re: first ideas Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sat Nov 25 06:33:26 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Samstag, den 25. November 2006 um 05:57h:
> So with the force of the pressure a keystroke dynamic keyboard/synthy 
> would be possible with the Neo1973 hardware.

virtual violin, acustic/e-guitar, (e-)bass
the neo would not be big enough for 12 frets,
but for a view and a region where the other hand
could strike the virtual strings :)
(I guess no fingerpicking, but striking should work)

Beside to virtualise existing instruments - the
multi-touch screen will allow to create new ones..

I'm looking forward to get technical details to this
multi-touch-screen - how sensible and detailed it will be 
- and of course (like everybody else) to have a Neo1973
in my heads ... ;)


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