Touchscreen hardware thoughts.... outdoor/waterprotected version/hack Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sat Nov 25 14:24:28 CET 2006


just some more thoughts about the screen - IMHO would it be 
fine to have a 
- anti break strong construction
- anti-scratch surface
- a good anti-refection coating
and I saw that Zeis offers "Clean-coat" anti water/dirt film$File/EVP_Beschichtung.pdf

Combing this with a good polarisation and transreflective layer
so that it will be better (photosensing) the more light you have...

Ah and at least: a photo sensor would be smart that the device
wouldn't use backlight, when no backlight is needed (of course
with a software controll to adjust this)

So even with the same TFT:

Instead of a design that the network operators like and
supermarkets like:

"throw it away after 12 month because it was crap from the 
beginning"-design (Non scratch resistent metall look varnished
survaces with uncoloured plastic to make every scratch much more
visible, refective displays, and lousy breaking of keys...)

a desing for a long use with reliale quality (even when the
device would cost 5-10$ more (or more):

Much diversify with quality, with a better design is be possible 
and would IMHO help FIC come into the market
When not be sold as 1Euro¹ ² ³ offer (with much footnotes and 
disadvantages) it shouldn't be try to compete with the same
low case and screen quality...
So not only facts like "high resolution" would count...



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