Gustavo Ferreira grilo at
Sat Nov 25 20:12:45 CET 2006

hello there,

new to the list, writing to ask about the use of fonts in openmoko.

i'm a type-designer and have developed a wide collection of bitmap fonts in the last years.
i am interested in making some of these fonts available to free/open-source projects, and was pointed 
by a friend to this list.

my questions:

- what's the screen resolution of openmoko?
- what's the ppem-size for text?
- what fonts are going to be used in the interface? outline or pixel fonts?
- what's rasterizer is going to be used? will it support truetype hints?
- what's the rendering mode - black&white, greyscale or sub-pixel?

if the openmoko interface developers think a bitmap font system with many weights, sizes, styles and 
large unicode coverage is usefull, please let me know...  :-)

best regards,
- gustavo.

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