>= 2; multiuser input - dynamic keystroke for a mini-keyboard Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel oepnmoko at robertmichel.de
Sat Nov 25 04:47:44 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Samstag, den 25. November 2006 um 04:22h:
> 2 must seen videos of Jefferson Y.Han work:

Not only that on a Neo1973 could play 2 people (pong or others..)
or more people at the same time, the screen could have different
windows or be splittet so that that 2 persons write, phone¹, read,
play ... or what ever at the same time.

I could imagine that on 640x480 
two persons could play melodies on the device
and when they use sticks a third person could play
a bass and 1-2 others percussions...

But just for one person, it could be used as mini-keyboard for your
pocket and the keystroke would be dynamicaly - you will be able to
have dynamic from  piano to forte ;))


¹my idea to do two calls with one Neo1973 at the same time:

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