Phone UI ideas

Marcus Haebler haebler at
Sun Nov 26 17:41:37 CET 2006

Here are some ideas for the phone interface. Mostly for when
you are using the phone in the car and for conference calls.

1) When on an active call - display a HUGE mute/un-mute button
    on the touch screen. I want to hit that button while in a
    conference call in the car with hardly looking at the phone.
    The "end call" button should be nowhere near it.

2) A big key pad would be nice initially on a call to enter
    a conference bridge code etc. Possibly with the ability to
    slide/shade/minimize the key with one touch and the ability
    to bring it back up.

3) Ability to mark number as e.g. conference bridge in the phone
    book and get a phone number sensitive phone UI. e.g. for
    conference bridge UI. (the large mute button, the initial
    large key pad etc.)

4) Drop down in "conference UI" with a choice of bridge codes
    (pre-provisioned or history based).

5) "Voice control"

    a) Enable speaker phone mode or connect via Bluetooth head set
       and use speech-to-text to tell the phone which number to
    b) Ability to switch to "voice control" during an active call
       to enter e.g. a bridge code. Put the call on hold and call
       another number etc.
    c) Voice control of UI.

Just some things I would find extremely useful in a phone. Somewhat
sorted from simple to complex to implement.



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