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Jeff Andros whitedrought at
Mon Nov 27 03:21:28 CET 2006

One of the things that's always bothered me about touchscreens on mobile
devices is that there's no physical feedback(I.E. you can't feel the
buttons).  there are more than a few times when you can't look at the screen
of your phone but still need to be able to dial.

What I'm wondering, is whether or not there is pressure sensitivity to the
screen on the platform, If so it should be trivial to have different actions
for different thresholds on the device, if not, we may be able to fake this
function by noting the size of the user's finger on the screen (look at the
pad of your finger pressing on something, if you press hard, the pad deforms
more, and you get a larger surface area)

<sample user story>
bob needs to make a call without viewing the screen, bob touches the screen
of the device lightly, and is able to feel the edges of the buttons through
a clicking or beeping noise(or even pronouncing the name of the button), and
the vibrating feedback, once bob knows he's on the button for the action he
wants to perform, he increases the pressure of his finger on the screen to
press the button
</sample user story>

What does everyone else think?

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