Abt S3c2410

Vishwas P S vishwas.ps at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 07:16:13 CET 2006

Hi group,

I was going thru the S3c2410 e-brochure and noticed that it's an Arm-9
system with a 4 channel DMA.
I'm thinking of a use-case like this. "A movie clip playback stored in SD
card with a GPRS download in the background"
As far as I understand, this use case can use all the 4 DMA physical
(One to bring data from SD card to memory, one b/n memory to I2S FIFO, one
similar to this for video and one may be for the GPRS download, to bring
data from baseband to memory). Is my assumption correct? and if it's
correct, then how would the system accomodate any other peripheral requiring
DMA for it's operation during this use-case? or are there multiple 4-channel
DMA controllers?
(Pl correct me if I'm wrong anywhere)

Also, it wd be great if someone can throw some light on the audio chip used
in the system. I cld not see anything pertaining to audio chip anywhere in
the spec.

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