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Steve Salazar schreef:
> Hi.  First of all I want to repeat what many others on this list have
> already said.  I am very excited about the open moko project and the
> opportunities it represents.  I will be one of the first in line to buy
> an openmoko phone when they are available.
> I have a few questions.  Thanks in advance for taking any time to answer:
> Software:
> --------------------------
> 1. It is mentioned that the gui was designed using gtk.  Will the
> sources for all the interface be released? 

'agpsd' will be the only closed source component on your phone

> Are you prepared to support the voracious appetite the OSS community has
> for the latest and greatest?  Will you always have the latest version of
> the kernel?  Of mplayer?  Minimo?  Etc? 

FIC is using openembedded to build their apps, which is already a community effort so FIC
gets the latest and greatest basically for free, and you can always build the latest and
greatest yourself.

> can they be synced using opensync?  

Dunno, but the pressrelease mentioned funambol, so that should be 'plain' syncml.

> 5. X11 - Does the openmoko interface run on X11

X11, kdrive to be specific

> 4.5 - What about linuxbios? 

BIOS? The gta01 doesn't use an x86 cpu, so there is no bios :)

> 6. CPU:  No info on the CPU yet? 


> 7.  Other random hardware questions/comments/wishes:
> - Camera:  People who say don't bother with a 1.3Mpix camera are
> photographers or otherwise photography enthusiasts. 

*raises hand*

> 90% of the people
> are very happy at 1.3M because at 1.3 you can do photo album sized images


> with very high quality 

no, since the lens is always crap. Spending $5 more during production on a lens would
greatly enhance the quality.

> that most people are happy with.

Could be, I only have my a780 for reference, and that sucks, even for albumsized images.
You don't get the full res out of a picture due to the lens.

> - USB Host: Please please and make it USB2. 

1.1, limitation of the SoC

> with 128MB RAM that can  plug into a USB2 hub

usb 1.1 can still be plugged into a 2.0 hub. Also note the '2.0' doesn't mean 480Mbit/s.

> - Storage:  1GB minimum integrated SD for running a real linux.  

Kernel isn't real enough for you? ;)



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