Open Moko - GPL?

Steve Salazar eagsalazar at
Mon Nov 27 23:54:10 CET 2006

Wow, thanks for all the very quick responses.  Sorry if I sounded a little 
confrontational or if some of my questions were already answered in other 
posts but, you know, you get a little skeptical and this project does 
*almost* seem too good to be true (because it sounds that good).

Anyway, could you guys please disappoint me in some small way?  I mean all 
your answers are an OSS fan's dream.  Seriously I am very excited and glad 
to hear that things are being done in this way.

Oh, and I missed the release info completely.  Sorry, I just saw "press 
info" and subconsciously skipped right past that.  Lots of good info there.

Thanks again and good luck!

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