usb device emulation

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Nov 28 01:59:26 CET 2006


Some ideas about the posibility that the Neo emulate
an usb device - this is powerfull and I thing this count 
more than only speed (USB 2.0).
I remember that the PalmPilot could be used as seriell mouse...

1. Where are good documentations how to write usb device
emulation driver?

2. Which emulation are already written?

3. Do you know cheap hardware, e.g. a pcmica or PCI usb-card 
that yould be used before we have a Neo1973 for test and develope 
emulation solutions?

Some device emulation that could become usefull:
- memory device (of course)
- mouse (touchpad with three buttons)
- keyboard
- numpad
- krypto card (especialy with linux-vserver the Neo1973
  could become a quite trustworthy enviroment)
- audio device
- network device
- bluetooth device
- webcam
- printer (print into a file - it could be that 
  some data could be fetched only this way)
With port forwarding (via GSM/GPRS):
- Wifi device
- Parallelport
- printer
- USB forwarding to other usb devices
- ...
- What more?

Would it be possible to emulate a usb hub and to
have multiple emulation at the same time?


PS: by looking for usb "device emulation" I found
out that victorinox anounced a swiss army knife with MP3 player:,39041749,61968988,00.htm 
product anoucement: 
Yes it could play Ogg Vorbis but has no opener :( 
But a Mp3 player is to short to have a good lever.  *g*
And a the tools could be removed with a single step,
before entered a plain, to be able to use the player
during the flight.....

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