OpenMoko at SCALE

Rod Whitby rod at
Tue Nov 28 10:53:23 CET 2006

Joe Bushong wrote:
> Any chance of the OpenMoko team participating in the Southern
> California Linux Expo (SCALE)
> It is February 10-11 in Los Angeles and would be a great opportunity
> to show off some open-source hardware to like minded Linux geeks.
> I am planning on being there as part of the Haiku OS booth and it
> would be interesting to see some of the people from this mailing list
> as well.

The NSLU2-Linux project has a booth (see last year's booth at ), where we demo the Linksys
NSLU2 running the SlugOS open-source firmware based on OpenEmbedded
(which makes SlugOS and OpenMoko sister Linux distributions).

We'd be happy to make some room for a demo OpenMoko device.

Send Tom an email if you're interested.

-- Rod Whitby
-- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead

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