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Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at hrw.one.pl
Tue Nov 28 13:21:55 CET 2006

Dnia wtorek, 28 listopada 2006 13:02, Robert Michel napisał:
> On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:

> Sorry, I was so happy that this phone will do not need a propritary
> charger - that I forget to write you that the idea of a charching
> reminder/alert when the user came at home is a very good one.

> In general such a todo alert when the user came to a localisation
> (home/work/shop/bank/post/gasoilstation...) would be great
> - buy 2l milk
> - get 50 Euro from the cach mashine
> - buy 10 new stamps
> - check air and oil

I already posted such suggestions - shopping list + GPS.

> The same with your accu recharger, when you are planing to travel,
> or leave your home for more than a day your function should
> remember to charge the phone to 100%

'Looks like you just left home - do you want to charge phone' is what you 
suggest? :D

Phone should rather remind when I arrive home, not when I'm leaving.

> > > The charger will be a normal powerd USB port, so you can also
> > But I *do not* want to keep usb cable in my pocket.

> There are small 3 cm long adapters - no need for a cable.
> And better to have such an adapter or cabel with you than
> a second propritary charger ;))))
> And this cable is dual use - also for data connections ;)

USB networking is something which I do not like - none of my devices do it 
because I can use BT or WiFi with them. Thats why I wait for BT (or WiFi) 
powered FIC phone.

> I also not so happy about the Mini-B female jack - I would
> prefer a normal USB female jack that you could pluck in
> normal USBmenory sticks/adapters in.

Two of my Zauri has Mini-A socket for special 'USB Host' cable. Cable is 
hard to get and costs 10 EUR. If FIC will go this way then they *need*, 
*REALLY NEED* to add one into box.

> But how ever, would you be more happy with one propritary charger?
> I don't think so - I think it is very cool that the device could be
> charged via USB.

I killed one USB port here by charging PDA. Ofcourse few other ports left, 
but what do to when you kill 5/6 of them? Using powered hub just to charge 
PDA/Phone looks silly for me.

> > But I *do not* want to keep usb cable in my pocket.

> What alternative would you propose?
> A fix solderd male USB jack on the device?

Probably will be no alternative to USB charging - but I hope that FIC will 
get some kind of control how much power to suck from port.

> > Do you know how many types of Mini-B connector are in use?

> You are right the high number of different USB cables are ugly
> and unsmart.
> But that the neo will be chargable via USB, I think, is still
> much better than a propritary charger ;)

If they will add cable and use *common* type of connector so it will be 
*easy* to buy another cable (one for home, one for work).

> BTW I would like to see standard battery cells - maybe not AA/AAA
> but someone that could be bought easily.

Nokia phone/n770 batteries? Cheap, easy to find, many replacements, easy to 
get 1600mAh ones...

> > And you will miss all calls during being 'semi online' - great stuff
> > for phone... "sorry that I was unavailable but my phone was in
> > semi-online mode to preserve battery".

> Yes - when you are travelling on a weekend or on a holyday - even when
> I'm sleeping it doesn't hurt wenn somebody needs 30 minutes to reach
> me - it is better to have this delay than reachable only on the first
> of 3 days. You don't need to use it, but this idea can't you realise
> with much other phones ;)

Thats something for profiles.

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