voice recgonition, squeak, multimedia cooking assistant Re: Uses in the Kitchen

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Tue Nov 28 17:42:18 CET 2006

Salve Richard,*!

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Richard Franks wrote:

> I am excited by the fact that the Neo1973 will have integrated
> bottle-opening functionality as standard, just under the FIC logo:
> http://www.openmoko.com/press/index.html#pictures
> But its uses in the kitchen extend further! No, really.

Hey that's not funny - I'm ashamed that I didn't thought
about the mobile design as I tried to to cheer Steve up,
that I hasn't to worry that he haven't read the info
before raise his question.
My opener funktion is an >8 year old one and it could be
the visible "shocking" feature to promote a real rugged device.

But please could we end this topic - I like to apologise to the
designer when I make them think that I even thought about 
an opener in context of the Neo1973 - no that wasent the case:
My opener funktion idea is an >8 year old one and it could be
the visible "shocking" feature to promote a real rugged device.

I love the design and the feature that I didn't realy reconized 
because I prefer the textbrowser elinks....

So excuse me that it sounds like a allusion to the Neo1973 that 
wasn't my intent (and I also wrote what it has "no opener")
and end of topic "opner" now, please.

> It would be a rather simple but useful application - as a cooking
> aid.. it displays a recipe which you follow, you press the 'oven'
> button when you've put something in the oven for, say, 30 minutes, and
> reminds you to take it out again. Voila! Tasty Open-Source cookies!

I'm totaly full of ideas and kitchen is the key word for:
- baking/cooking assist
- kitchenetertainmant.

First store the phone somewhere - but when it has magneton on
the battery lid you could fix it somewhere in the level of your
eyes and ears/mouth.

Heren music would be fine - but also when a phonecall comes in,
a touchless "answering" or automaticaly "answering"
voice recognition would be fine for calling, pick up an incomming
call - starting special music ANNNND
the baking/cooking assistment:

{marmor cake} #Marmor cake,
   you need 4 eggs 300g of sugar, flour and butter, a bit citron,
   vanille and 4 spoons cakao

   take the butter into a bowl and add the yello of your eggs
   to it - put the white of the eggs into another bowl

   take the butter into a bowl and add the yello of your eggs
   to it - put the white of the eggs into another bowl

    take the butter into a bowl and add the yello of your eggs
{music rock louder}

Or just say some ingredients that you have (or your smartphone
knows what you have...) and it makes some suggestion what to
back to day.

Or choose a recipe and your system will tell you what you need
to buy and how expensive the cake will be. Put it automaticaly
into your "shopping list"

When the device can play video or animation
- using it as voice controlled squeak animation
So the baking assist could not only show pictures, 
It could show how to seperate the eggs.

The same animation technique could be used for assisting
to clean a laser printer/copy machine
{next step}

{oven, hot air}
hot air oven - 180°C, 60 minutes

{oven, start}
ok I will remind you in 60 minutes

No I will leave the house to go chopping,
I will get a 1. reminder wenn I leave the house
remeber you are baking a cake...
because of my walking speed I get a reminder
after 20 Minutes walking in one direction
"pease go back - in 40 minutes will you have to 
take out your cake"

Communication with the oven would be nice, as well...

The baking/cooking assistant should also have a learn
modus wher you can speak what you are doing.
When you count the time to prepare something
(or a autor of new multimedia cooking "book" will do
it for you) you could combine the preparation of a
multi-stage menue 
"start now to prepare the salade..."
"you are good in time - now cut the vegetables..."

"You are 5 minutes behind the time, but still have
30 minutes until your guest came. Phone profile changed.
Will you cancel to serve the soupe?"
"Should I please inform your guest to walk 10 minutes

Being not in time will automaticaly switch the phone
profile for incoming calls - beside of the numbers
of your guest..."


Have fun and more ideas what and how to do it
with the OpenMoko/Neo1973 in the kitchen or 

But wait - because of the whole inside the case
it is easy to hang up the phone in the citchen 
even without magneton, at a place where it would not
get in contact with water, flour or could fall down 
because you become hectic in the kitchen ;) 
smart design :)))))


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