X and Matchbox

Pedro Aguilar paguilar at junkerhq.net
Tue Nov 28 17:44:00 CET 2006


I have several questions regarding the graphics support.
As far as I know the Neo uses X and Matchbox as Window Manager.

Do you know if the video driver that X uses has been specifically
developed/modified for this platform?

X can be adapted for embedded devices (like in the Zaurus) for being as
light as possible. In the Neo how much memory and footprint does X needs?

Does OpenMoko support Frame Buffer?
Using the FB could be interesting because some graphic operations could be

Have you ever tested it with other Window Managers? I know Matchbox was
specifically designed for this kinf of devices, but WindowMaker and
Blackbox, for example, are very light and fast too (and they support
virtual desktops that could be nice to have).


Pedro Aguilar

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