X and Matchbox

Tim Newsom cephdon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 21:52:54 CET 2006

Related to this, was my question about themes.
I will have to check out the abilities of the gtk theme engine in 
regards to this, but I have an interest in porting the LCARS theme from 
the 770 or other themes to the phone.

It would seem to me (and maybe I don't understand as well as I thought I 
did) that the ability to theme the interface could help usability 
studies / testing of new phone interface designs.  The ability to design 
and quickly switch between different designs would be of importance in 
that situation.

Note, when I talk about themes I am not talking about just changing the 
graphics but also the locations of various rendered buttons and 
interface elements in order to find optimal locations.

I am not sure how far you could go with it, but if its easy to do then 
you know people will jump on it.

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