Uses in the bedroom... Re: voice recgonition, squeak, multimedia cooking assistant Re: Uses in the Kitchen

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 29 02:22:26 CET 2006

Salve Richard!

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Richard Franks wrote:
> Ooops! It is a *little* bit funny though. Especially as it was quite
> obvious that you had absolutely no bad/mean intentions - I'd be *very*
> surprised if you had managed to offend anyone.
hope so.

> What about the uses for Neo1973 in the bedroom? No, wait.. I'm not
> touching that one..
Why not? No joke - someone tried to sell a J2ME three-liner - to
activate ...

But I have no need some better ideas:

Alarm clock 
   that rings ealier, in case of bad wheater (snow, frost) or
   when my scripts that monitor the train delays recongnize that the
   trains not comming in time

After wake my up short information for my day
  dates, to-does, wether and the lates news...

   by blackout, fire alarm, special keywords in the news
   like "atomic reactor"+names of all reactors in a cirle
   around 700 km.
Instead of push to talk - talk to talk
   {wisper to $girlfriend} "ok"
   Transmission via call or GPRS - on my girlfriends side the
   Neo1973 will pick up without a ring.
   (Of course vice versa)

   Or call it bidirectional baby-phone via GSM/GPRS
   Ah with a real baby-phone mode, the baby does not need
   to say {wisper to parents|mom|dad} - I think that this 
   target group would prefer different commands 
   like waaahhh wiehe whowhooo and only the db-meter level
   would be accepted by them....
{time} "it is 2:02 o'clock and you like to stand up at 8h"

{news} $

> I like your ideas here,

> it definitely looks feasible to support a
> small subset of voice-commands.. "Yes/No/Again/Next" could be
> standardised and available to all applications.

AFAIK will a small number of different voice commands have a good
regognize rate.

> Are there any more
> which have such widespread utility? I'd really like to 'ignore' a call
> or mute a song by just a simple "ssssh!" directed at the phone.

Well the point would be that 24/24h voice recognition would cost
much battery power - but when you have a USB powersuply in your
bedroom ;)

> I sort of like the idea of personalising the commands.. "OkMoko!"
> instead of "yes", "BadMoko!" for "no". But since the voice sample
> would likely be keyed to the individuals voice pattern recording
> anyway, that should be easy.

*g* Do you have had a Tamagotchie?? Sounds a little bit like that
and I could imagine that people in Japan would like to speak with
their Moko in this way.

But I realy hope that the Moko will get latest AI like the lifts
in not start like the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and start
to become depressive and blab on me:
"Live is so trist. Everyday the same ways.
Never have you walked with me along the maple-street."


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