Ideas for mobile phone

Ole Tange at
Wed Nov 29 14:32:52 CET 2006

More ideas:

Mini office on the road.
When customer calls in, lookup caller ID in customer database and show
an overview of the customer data (e.g. open orders, cases etc). Record
the conversation (using whatever compression is done anyway) and
attach the conversation to the customer data. When the agent has a
keyboard available, he can re-listen to the conversation, take notes
on actions agreed and delete the soundfile.

Show callerid to webapplication (wifi required).
When customer calls in, record the caller ID and make it available
using web to redirect to a webpage that looks up customer information.
A small webserver could be accessed from a nearby laptop as:
https://phone/redirect. This would redirect to
https://laptop/customerdatabase?callerid=$callerid. The URLs should be


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