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Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at
Wed Nov 29 15:20:07 CET 2006

On 11/28/06 8:27 AM, "Alexander Steinert" <sputnik at> wrote:

> I would like to contribute some thoughts like all the others here
> throwing in their two cents (or $/EUR/.. Where do you come from, rob?
> Looks like you waited you whole life for this "phone".

> 1. Congratulation to Sean & Co. for bringing this baby onto the road!
>    What striked me most was its price (in relation to the preliminary
>    specs). How's that possible? Narrow/negative margin for the first
>    model? Manufacturing in the factory with the least human dignity for
>    the workers? How much is a Windoze licence per device?

We got our ways. All I can say is that it doesn't involve child labor or
inhumane working conditions ;-)
> 2. I like the outer design very much. Especially the rounded ends.
>    Hopefully it will be available with bare metal border, too. The red
>    is also nice but you will see every scratch. As always its a matter
>    of taste, but please do not provide an iWhite(tm) version. I like
>    some of apple's designs but the white... of all things the white is
>    copied by everyone now :-(

Metal looks great. But you're RF will go to shit.
> 3. 18.5mm is way too thick. I like it thin. Look, the Moto Q is 11.5mm
>    including keybord, isn't it? [Whine]

The problem is the screen. It's one fatty. There's nothing really we could
do here. I wouldn't compromise on the VGA!
> 4. (Diametrically opposed to 3.) Rob has/expressed so many good ideas
>    regarding hardware extension. It would be very nice for developers
>    and consumers to have them as mini/nano PCBs pluggable into sockets
>    so that I don't void the warranty by soldering my precioussss. Say,
>    one USB socket and one I2C socket, OK?

We'll do our best!
> 5. (Also contray to 3.) Of course there are people saying "Go away with
>    any shitty-lens mini camera". But beside photographing there are many
>    other use cases. I wish for a camera that is internal-but-removable:
>    A second back of neo has a hole.

Great idea. But we couldn't do it in time. (added to my LONG list of ideas
for 2nd gen stuff)
> 6. What are the temperature specs of the touchscreen / other parts? I
>    want to use neo as a speedometer/navigator on my bicycles.

I don't have these numbers on the top of my head. But I don't see how this
would be any problem. Message me if you really need to know.

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