Ideas for mobile phone

Ole Tange ole at
Wed Nov 29 14:42:47 CET 2006

One more:

Voice and picture based email and address book.
With no keyboard it is awkward to enter text. It is easier to select a
contact and speak a message. Also illiterate people cannot read.
However, they can speak and recognize faces. Current software makes it
hard for these people to send email as you often have to write an
email-address without error and write or read the email.

Using phone or video phone may not be feasable if the internet
connection is bad.

Solution: Emails should be sent as voice and a photo should be
attached to the address book. Commonly used functions should be
illustrated by clear pictograms.

When a sender wants to send an email he presses the icon 'new mail'.
Then he selects the receiver from a list of photos in his addressbook.
Then he can optionally have is current photo taken with a web cam and
attached to a business card in each email; or he han use an existing
picture. Then he clicks 'start' and talks to the microphone. Clicking
'end' will play back his message. Clicking 'send' will it to the

When the email is received it is presented in a list of received
emails. The list shows the face of the sender (either the face in the
current email or - if none present - the face from the address book)
and possibly a subject. Clicking the email will open it, play it and
possbly add it to the address book.

When bandwidth will allow even small films can be sent.

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