Congrats! & Guinea pig queque forms where?

Daniel Savage sabhain at
Wed Nov 29 16:27:27 CET 2006

Just a brief note to congratulate all involved on your agressive innovation
& accomplishments thus far.  Everything looks pretty well conceived at this
point & I look forward to seeing it in the new year.

This will probably be the device that ultimately pulls me away from CDMA
service with the analog fall back (in the US).  I've been holding on to that
for fear of the GSM dead spots, but this type of technology will get me over
that fear quickly.

I thought I'd throw it out to everyone here that I'm happy to be a trial
user for any new (unstable) apps & related stuff as this thing takes off in
the coming months.  I've been using Linux as my primary OS on a laptop for
about 8 years with no regrets & few headaches, so you can say I'm an early
adopter with the patience to work through the early issues.

I'm a mechanical type, so I'm afraid not too much help on the developing
side, but I enjoy the debugging end of things and would be happy to pitch in
to anyone's efforts as my time permits.


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