xpdf,webbrowser ideas

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Wed Nov 29 17:37:24 CET 2006


pdf has one disadvantage (what is an advantage as well),
the document will be shown, as the designer wanted it.
So when he loves a big white frame around the text it
nag me already with a SVGA (1024x768) every page I have
to move to the right and down to see more text instead
of silly white areas.

So I thing using xpdf on a VGA resolution will make me

I would love to have some endhancement
- just marking in the left upper corner with two
  point the area of right and upper frame that is not
  shown for the whole document (also auto maximize mode)
-- in case that a later page has some infromation on the
   non visible area - just show it with 1-3 pixel wide
   inverting blinking at this region (or how ever..)

-- auto scroll - learning how fast I moved the document to
   the left and down and repeat it

-- left jumping -- learn how fast the document will jump
   from left to right
   vertical scrolling will be seperated

- continuous text -- switch to an continuous text mode
  maybe with a zoomable small view (20x30) on the original
  design with highlighting wich part is visible now...

Client/Server (pdf proxy)
- Download only the pages that are needed
- save the already downloaded pages and higlight them in the
  page index/document info
- download pictures only on demand
- remote search  - search for a pattern, 
-- get the information how many pages have been found
-- have the chance to get a list with contect arount this
-- save your search tries as "personal search index"
-- highligt the already local stored pages
-- jump from your search to the pages that you like to read 
That this pdf viewing become handy, the webbrowser
should have a Client/Server concept as well - so that
the user could webrowse with the Neo1973, but download
the pdf on his server - but making a link to the server
on the Neo1973 device at once.
So "klicking" on the file would open the xpdf also in
client/server mode

This would encrease the time untill you can read the first
page and reduce the costs.

- Such virtual downloaded files should be also taged for
  an automaticaly download when your Neow will have a cheaper
  connection to your server - (so the memory space could be
  also be reserved.

Pictures albums of your friends should be also downloaded
virtual and saved with low resolution pixs on your Neo.

Ahh and proy webbrowsing is powerfull as well ;)
Aroung 1999 I used webproxy on my Palm with 9600 Baud GSM
dailup data connection and the browsing feels faster than
with even 56kBaud modems.

To have an own proxy, it would be great, when the user could
easily (e.g. firefox plugin) mark parts on webpages, especialy
newsportals that are only or that are not chown, or only
on demand...
Such page reducing, together with compromizing, a local
webproxy, pictures on demand, redusing page format/style information
(just textbrowsing) informing if the acces is going to the proxy or
will cause data -- will extremly reduce the traffic cost.

I already used a time floydssh, a GPL J2ME SSH (1.0) client and
elinks on my server ;) 
But a browser concept that behaves like be full on the enddevice,
but is powerd with a (own) server in the background have a great
potantial :)

So thing about how the OpenMoko/Neo1973 could be powerd up
with e.g. OpenMoko/NSLU2 ;)


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