no bottle opener Re: Open Moko - GPL?

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Wed Nov 29 18:19:47 CET 2006

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:

> On 11/28/06 7:31 AM, "Robert Michel" <openmoko at> wrote:
>>>> - no bottle opener
>>> What!?
>> It's a pitty the Neo1973 will not have a case a frame
>> made by strong, but light magnesium alloy, with integrated,
>> fold-out  bottle opener to open the beer.
>> Since years I'm waiting for a mobile with that...
>> Which real men needs a camera or bluetooth ?
> This is absolutely hilarious ;-)
> Why not really, if these guys have one:
> Why can't a phone?

This topic is fun, and sometimes a bit of fun and lateral thinking can lead to
interesting, even useful ideas.

I do a lot of work with machine performance artists (e.g. Our
work is always unfunded and volunteer based, using surplus/recycled/restored
equipment, meaning that there are always repairs to be made on site, moments
before a show starts, or even while a performance is taking place. Needless to
say, we all carry at least one "Leatherman"-type of tool, and a popular topic
of conversation is comparing the features of each. Often, we admire one
feature from this tool, another couple from that tool, a few more from a third
tool, etc. which lead some of us to fantisize about a modular pocket tool
(based on an open standard, of course) so that you could buy the tools you
want and assemble the custom tool just right for you.

So in addition to my bottle opener, vice-grips, torx blades, and MIG welding
wire cutter, I also want my Neo1973 module, my 'scope/multimeter module, and
my "anything to USB" power converter module. And one of those little butane
powered soldering irons.


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