feedback on v2 rabatt idea Re: Open Moko - GPL?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 29 18:34:44 CET 2006

Salve Ole!

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Ole Tange wrote:

> On 11/29/06, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at> wrote:
> >On 11/29/06 9:18 PM, "Ole Tange" < at> wrote:
> >
> >> /Ole
> >> (Who would go for version 1 if there is a trade-up option. Otherwise
> >> wait for version 2).
> >
> >A trade up option is interesting idea. What exactly do you have in mind?
> Optimal for me:
> Pay USD 350 for v1. When v2 is out: Return v1 and get a deduction of
> the price of USD 350.

Do you know what shipping cost?
What will FIC do with the used phone?

Let us grow. Those who supported OpenMoko/Neo1973 in an active
and fruitfull way should get the chance to get a second phone (maybe v2)
with a rabatt. 
Consider the power of the v1 and compare it with the cost of comparable
hardware. Do you know one other AGPS phone on the market?

Try to find other developer or let become your girlfriend/parents
beta tester for you. Use encrypted communication with them - with the
people you comunicate most. These people probably will not miss 
Bluetooth or Wlan.

So let our community grow - sending back would be unsmart and inefficent.

> But I will assume that this will not work for you: The returned v1s
> are probably worthless to you. So a better way might be to include a
> voucher with a serial number in the v1 package. The voucher will give
> me a discount of 50% if I buy v2. The serial number is important as
> you do not want to give the discount to everyone who happens to know
> someone who has a v1.

Thats sounds better, and of course (I think) FIC will have an interest
that the best developers will have the latest hardware - maybe also
zero series devices in the future - consider the cost of just one 
small employee. ;)

And those who give the v1 in the hands of other interesting people 
could become a multiplicator at your city - several
new application with Neo1973 to Neo1973 are untestable or useless,
when one of us lives in Denmark, and the other here in Aachen.

And when in some month the OpenMoko/Neo1973 have reached a first
level of usability - I'm quite shure that you will find new people
in your region who like to join the community.

Because you will have a know how of the device - others will like
to buy the used v1 from you together with a little bit help or support,
instead to by a v2 themself.
And by supporting others we learn the wishes of the others,
how they could start with the device and reflect our knowhow and
concepts. IMHO will be this dialog with new users a very important
one for the hole (strategical) plattform OpenMoko/Neo1973.

With doing this - we all developer will stand in dialog with the
skills, the way to thing and work with other (non ICT) user from
the early beginning - and this (I'hope) worldwide.
In several points we have much more potential and power than
traditional developing teams.

Frankly, the v2 rabatt system will be IMHO only a question how
to get the v2 into the hands of the community - but missing
Wifi or BT would *not* make me wait, nor do I worry that too much 
others would wait. I know so many people who could live without
Bluetooth or Wifi features, so I have no fear to find a buyer
for my v1.

When you interested in developing and like participate coming 
old dreams come true - I think it doesn't need to care to much 
about a v2. ;) 
Just remember what all on posibilities the v1 will offer to us.

Beside of the interest to get one v2 cheaper - I think to build
a team and get 10 or more devices at once will not only reduce
shipping cost - it could also give the chance, that FIC gives
a rabatt to support local teams.


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