Small evaluation,city: 4 Internet Cafes, 3 Copy Shops, 2 Photo services; university: 1 library , 1 computer room

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 29 18:51:25 CET 2006

Salve michael!

michael at schrieb am Mittwoch, den 29. November 2006 um 09:28h:
> On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Robert Michel wrote:
> >*IDEA*
> > Wait, because these systems support USB mass storage device - couldn't
> > we use a normal browser and on download to a FIFO file and an upload to
> > a   FIFO  to FIFOs on our server? So no local installation, nor Java
> > support (I would have doubts that Java will be allowed to access the
> > USB mass storage device, especialy not a USB network device...)
> > So with this trick we could run an SSH tunnel via the FIFOs and would
> > have Internet connection on our NEO at all these locations :))
> >
> This is a brilliant idea. Not only is USB mass storage supported on every
> modern computer, but Internet cafes, shops, and libraries are used to seeing
> people plug them in and don't consider them a threat (although perhaps they
> should).
Hmm I remember the vulnerability due hidden autostart from USB devices,
but attacking a PC via USB.... "could be possibe" but his could be
inside of every USB stick.

> The phone is a USB host. 

I wouldn't say the Neo1973 is a phone. It is a free, opened, linux
powerd smartphone.

smartphone = mobil PC + GSM/GPRS (+ AGPS)

> So is the computer, so don't you need the USB
> On-The-Go protocol to determine which is going to host and which is to be 
> the
> device? Or is there some other way this work?

The samsung SoC supports to run one usb 1.1 port as host or as device.

> I might dig around the Linux implementation a bit to learn more. I find this
> idea very interesting.

The the still short thread "usb device emulation" 

Again and again, .... this device (even without bluetooth) has soooooo
much power to do what wasn't possibel with PDA or smartphones before.
And all my ideas on this list is only fractional amount what all all
will be possible to do with it. Please everybody do not look to much
on what wouldn't possible with it - think about what all will be

Think about the concept of the shell and the GNU tools, you can
do very powerfull things just with combining  2-3 tools
this device will be an "opener" for your ICT ideas, skills and
potential. :)))))


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