multicolour multi-touch screen Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 29 20:02:45 CET 2006


For this text colour point and coloured fingertip are equivalent

Robert Michel schrieb am Samstag, den 25. November 2006 um 04:22h:
> A grafic, that explain the design of a "multi-touch" screen sensor:

I was worried about dirt or the behavior of the touchscreen
when raindrops will fall on the display...
(I'm looking of a rugged, water protected Outdoo-Neo1973)

So multicolour LED and  screen sensor would be able to detect
raindrops (maybe with the cost that no pure white stick could
be used).

Ok when the touchscreen sensor support multicolour recognition
- why not wear small coloured thimbles on your fingertip?
Or for the power user, paint different color points on your finger
tips (multiple (different) coloured points on one or more of your 
finger, or multiple (different) coloured points at your (hand) palm
or any other part of you body.
Even external object could have colourd points to use this interface.

Just for apriory:
(E.g. something with a ball on one side and different colourd point
on the other side.
A circuit with a sensor could lighten the symbol which is most open
- and on the opposide could be a coloure dot (or the inpot
is given with other technique...)

Instead of activate one function with tapping on it's meneu point
or icon (or hotkey) just link this function with your green dot.
The icon will got a green effect. So you could link 8, 10 or more
funktion to special points on your body (or external object).

The icon-bar mustn't visible the whole time - and when blue
is linked to the function "bold" a "bold" icon could pop up (optional)
for a short time.

For a keyboard/synthy/drummachin - just say "virtual instrument" or
touch areas for sound generation - different colours could have
different sound effects/funktion as well.

Summary of multi-colour, multi-touch
- position of touch
- touch area
- touch intensitivity
- touch moving
- combination with other touch points
- and *new* colour of the touch 

have an incredible potential for input/interactivation

I could imagine that this could advance textimput as well.
Fist stepp - two different colour for capital or lower case character 
- other colours could add font styles - or for simple html/squeak/wiki
formats insted  of [link] just use a different colour to write.

But I would not be able to write with all fingers with the same speed
- so specal areas, colours, move figures, intensitivity  could activat
different level - writing the keystrokes with my right index finger
and the combination with other colours would activate other modes.

No keystroke at all - using just the different color points - areas....
and use the combinatoric - 10 colour points without different areas
would give the power of 10! = 3.628.800 combinations
more areas would give more power
- so it would become possible to write shorthand/stenography with this
device and even faster then with normal keyboards.

But also a normal virtual qwerz keybord could profit of muticolour,
for 10-finger stystem user, the colour points or fingertaps would 
avoid that the right index finger could type something other then
YU,HJ,BN - because of the fact that the other (coloured) fingers 
still stay on the touchscreen - the regongnition of the typing
could be relative to the position of the other fingers.

Just seting 2 x 4 fingers to the touchscreen would create a
new virtual keyboard. When you move them a little bit because you have
no fixed orientation - the virtual keyboard would move with your
fingers: "Virtual keyboard for multi coulor touch with relative

I thought about to add small visiblel dots/peak on the screen that I 
will have an orientation for my figers - probably a foile could be add
on the screen and the dots/peaks.

Coloured touch and the dots/peak would support also blind people
to use the touchscreen better (maybe someone will add a braile 
via usb to the device someday. It's openness make it's very
powerfull for all kind of development)

I please you to go on and add/publish your ideas here,
to avoid patents of such ideas!!

Cheers, rob

openmoko at
Aachen, Germany

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