multicolour multi-touch screen Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Richard Franks spontificus at
Wed Nov 29 21:06:21 CET 2006

Skip all that, and go straight to monitoring EEG brain signals - one
sensor (array), all input handled. Fashion it into a nice hat.

Actually, no.. all I really want to do with the Neo1973 is get a
ring-tone to do the "beep beep boop bop" from CTU/24.

Now I think of it though.. AGPS/GPRS... urban Counter-Strike! Whenever
you hear the designated call-chime, you can answer and hear
pre-recorded 'mission' data. To which you can respond loudly: "What!?
The British Agent is about to have a cup of tea and scones at a cafe
down the road?! I'll take him out."



On 11/29/06, Robert Michel <openmoko at> wrote:
> Salve!
> Robert Michel schrieb am Mittwoch, den 29. November 2006 um 20:02h:
> > Or for the power user, paint different color points on your finger
> > tips (multiple (different) coloured points on one or more of your
> Ok nerds would paint their finger tips with colour, but who else?
> What about light frequency outside of our cognition?
> Or black-light and special colour to use the multi-touch sensor
> with multi colour?
> Or let us work with the pattern of our fingermarks
> The colour finger tips could be an intermediate step
> for nerds and developer ;)
> rob
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