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Wed Nov 29 21:17:54 CET 2006

Hi Rob,

Yeah, the light sensor is interesting!

Kind of reverse - some mobile phones have a flash light. So that probably might be interesting too. :)

BTW: for the next device - that will have a camera - modern cameras can also see in the Infrared light, not only in the visible spectrum. You can try it - use a TV/etc remote control and point the diode into a mobile phone with a camera, enter pictures/video section and when you press a button on remote control you will see in mobile phone that the diode lights up a bit. So, if an Infrared lamp will be added to mobile phone it could become a night vision device :) But the infrared light source should be powerful enough (tried with a simple diode a few days ago - it didn't really light up the area).

Also, just thought - newest Motofone has an E-ink screen, maybe that could be interesting - imagine - face side is normal touch-screen, and the whole back side - another screen, with all the advantages of E-ink (very good for e-book readers for example, and personalization - like your own picture on the whole phone). But that could be expensive at the moment...

Best wishes,

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Subject: Light sensor

> Salve,
> I already wrote that a light sensor could avoid that the
> backlight is on, when it is not necessary:
> But this light sensor could also combined with localisation, time and
> provile (or movement sensor)
> E.g. when I'm at home and the light sensor detects light at 2 o'clock
> in the morning, I will still be reachable for calls from my frinds.
> They could have a signalisation that I'm still awak.
> Maybe quantitiy and colour analysing of this sensor would be interesting
> as well - I think there are cheap sensors called "camera".
> But that would consume CPU power and battery power,
> so a photo diode or LED would be better.
> AHHHH this could be integrated into the multi-coloured-touch screen
> this will have light sensors - when it could analyse other light
> as well - it could swith the backlight
> and could give informations to the programmes.
> With the colours of the light (anlysing)  could it also possible to detect
> in which room the Neo1973 is at the moment. (Dependances of window
> orientation, type of electricaly light, wall colour - things inside...)
> So at last an smart backlight managment would be a "must have"
> and whis such a sensor would be possibel to do other nice things
> rob
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