Open Moko - GPL?

Stuart Gray randomelginguy at
Wed Nov 29 22:16:50 CET 2006

I would most definitely go for a version 1 if there is an option of trading up later.
My only doubts about this phone is if its worth buying that phone only to have to buy another when version 2 comes out.
But if a trade up is available I am very likely to get version 1 and then trade up when the time comes.
I am unsure if I would buy version 1 if there is no such option available, as I am used to getting my phones free on contract, and spending $350 on a phone I plan to upgrade not too long after would just be mad.Cant wait though, I am really excited for it.  Hopefully all my hopes turn into reality.

> Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:18:41 +0000> From: at> To: community at> Subject: Re: Open Moko - GPL?> > On 11/29/06, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at> wrote:> > > We're still deciding on how open we can be with the hardware. Please keep in> > mind this is a legal mine field. Every single component we use (expert> > perhaps the CPU) needs an NDA just to read the datasheet. I would love to> > see open hardware. But this is _far_ more difficult that open software.> >> > ...we're working on it though.> > As a non-hardware engineer I have been facinated by> Can you say if you have looked at using their modules?> > /Ole> (Who would go for version 1 if there is a trade-up option. Otherwise> wait for version 2).> > _______________________________________________> OpenMoko community mailing list> community at>
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