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Richard Franks spontificus at
Wed Nov 29 22:20:17 CET 2006

On 11/29/06, Richard Franks <spontificus at> wrote:
> Oh wait. You mean hosting the HTML file(s) on the Neo? By pointing the
> PC browser to the HTML file on the Neo's memory, you could in effect
> set up a meta-refresh every second or so, or use AJAX to read files
> (requests) from the Neo's memory, and pass them on to the external
> Server as subsequent requests.
> GWT has a nice feature whereby it regards return requests as asyncronous events.
> All it would require is javascript support.

Hey! This is the first project idea which we (the community) could
start today and complete even before the first Neo1973 ships, without
access to the SDK or any other data. Booya.

There would be three components:

1) A small utility (cpp? Preferences?) which:
* Runs on the Neo and opens up a localhost port - the Neo would connect to this.
* Sets up a ring-buffer (implemented by files: request1.html ....
* Forwards results it receives back from the server (via the browser)
to the localhost client

2) The AJAX part which handles the PC end of the bridge

3) The server utility which speaks to the PC and understands the
Neo1973 requests it receives... or just passes it on in the case of an
SSH tunnel.

There is actually a disconnect on the AJAX-Neo side - not sure of the
best way to get the return data from the browser back onto the Neo's
filesystem for dissemination, without invoking the file-download
dialog. Streaming is one way, but would require kernel hacking to
implement a file as a ring-buffer? If it's not a ring-buffer then you
run out of storage space.

Oh wait, the file the PC browser writes to on the USB stick, can be
implemented as a symlink by the Neo.. to a device instantiated by the
app (1).

Ok, good - did I miss anything? Who wants to help develop this?


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