Another idea for an application for the Neo: Instant sync to web page duplicating info on phone

Jeff Andros whitedrought at
Wed Nov 29 23:17:48 CET 2006

This isn't really half baked at all, all you need is a webserver on the
device small enough to run 1-2 clients and https... It's even better than
the danger since everything runs on your phone... you have control of
security, and we could even make a monitor app that displays when someone's
accessing your webserver


On 11/29/06, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> Here's another idea, this one less than half-baked, but I trust this
> community
> to help identify the flaws, seek the gems, and see if anything remains
> that is
> useful.
> My current phone is the Danger Sidekick II. One of its features that I
> really
> like is the web page that Danger provides that duplicates the data on my
> phone: Calendar, address book, notes files, todo list, photographs, email,
> and
> perhaps others.
> Modifications can made either on the web page or on the phone.  There is
> no
> special "sync" command. Data entered on the one is available on the other
> almost instantly, assuming data network connectivity. Syncronization
> happens
> automatically and constantly.
> I recognize that there are security flaws with this. Remember Hilton's
> video?
> This is how it was stolen.
> Here's how I use it: I jot down notes all day long on my phone. At home, I
> visit the web page and simply cut and paste my notes into emails,
> documents,
> even programs.
> The nice thing about this is that I always have access to the data on my
> phone, and I don't have to worry about any special sync cables or cradles
> or
> software (all my home computers run Linux, so I can't use most phone
> desktop
> programs). I never have to worry about leaving my cradle at home, and
> needing
> the data at work.
> I'm a big fan of CVS, and I often CVS important files from my phone.
> And of course I can quickly check my calendar or address book from any
> browser, anywhere.
> Now I have many issues with Danger's implementation of this feature, but I
> really like the idea. I'm not that familiar with other smart phones, but
> I've
> never seen, or heard about, anything like this with the others.
> Of course our implementation will be open, so I can make it do exactly
> what I
> want. For example, provide an API, so that I can write a cron job that
> every
> so often will download all data off the phone and CVS it. Remember, the
> phone
> doesn't have to be in a cradle for this to occur. Heck, the phone could
> even
> be powered off, and my cron job would get the last version that made it to
> the
> server.
> I think that Danger provides the servers for this; in our implementation
> we
> would probably have to each provide our own, which means we'd have to
> write
> the server side code as well. I suppose this is all done with PHP, Java,
> and
> other languages that I don't know about (I'm more of a kernel/device
> driver/embedded/hardware guy).
> We could implement as much or as little security as we wish (SSL,
> encryption,
> etc.)
> What do you think?
> Michael
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