Another idea for an application for the Neo: Instant sync to web page duplicating info on phone

Jeff Andros whitedrought at
Thu Nov 30 01:33:27 CET 2006

> Use web services... Web methods or whatever you call it.  If you build an

> > for uploading sets of data they could be implelented in almost any
> lauguage
> > and used natively like normal objects.
> > Perl, php, python, java, c# can all do that and it means the backend
> does not
> > have to be rewritten every time someone wants to use it in a language.
> >
> > Also, you could then provide a bundle of code for the server backend
> that
> > handles the web service requests which anyone could run and point their
> own
> > phone at their server.

It may be easier if the phone has an accessable IP address... I'm not quite
sure how GPRS works, some one who knows let me know... but we could set up a
embedded web server on the openmoko device itself.  ICS is really simple so
we could host that from the device as well. If Apache isn't small enough,
even stripped down, there are several server apps that are optimised for
this kind of environment
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