Please think about incrementel sync Re: Another idea for an application for the Neo: Instant sync to web page duplicating info on phone

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Nov 30 02:20:33 CET 2006

Salve Jeff,*!

When it will be only adresses, todo, memo - syncML is build to do
this. But please via a secure network - Siemens offer this unencrypted.

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Jeff Andros wrote:
> >> for uploading sets of data they could be implelented in almost any
> >lauguage
> >> and used natively like normal objects.
> >> Perl, php, python, java, c# can all do that and it means the backend
> >does not
> >> have to be rewritten every time someone wants to use it in a language.
> >>
> >> Also, you could then provide a bundle of code for the server backend
> >that
> >> handles the web service requests which anyone could run and point their
> >own
> >> phone at their server.
> It may be easier if the phone has an accessable IP address... I'm not quite
> sure how GPRS works, some one who knows let me know... 
It has an IP and this makes me worry that the area of IPs for GPRS are
known and someone would send you anwanted packets "just for fun" to
encrease your mobil bill. If I had a chance I would take an option that
the operater will protect my mobil will a firewall and only two
connections to my two server would be allowed.
(I have big doubts that this would work with beeing abroad with a
GPRS roaming partner some day).
So everybody should track his GPRS costs automaticaly.

> but we could set up a
> embedded web server on the openmoko device itself.  

This will be an option, but will encrease the GPRS traffic = costs.

For having everyfile *save* on the server

But to lower the traffic costs the transmission of data should be
reduces as much as possible and wait until it is realy needed,
or a cheap connection (USB, data call...) would allow to sync.

Just let the server ask if since he last asked the Neo some
configuration has changed and transmit it only incremental.

A little bit the same with normal files. How do you think that a file
will make a diff with itself (the modification) before it is modificated
and save the modicated version + all diffs since last replication with
the server.
The server could ask the Neo for seperate direction pathes (tree parts)
for informations about changes. A list of the files that have been changed
inbetween (on inode level?) will be transmitted to the server.
When you open such a file on the server, the server will ask for the
diff. Transmission bzip2 compressed and via VPN

Without thougths like that you will have an incredible GPRS traffic =

> ICS is really simple so
> we could host that from the device as well. If Apache isn't small enough,
> even stripped down, there are several server apps that are optimised for
> this kind of environment

A webserver will change the layout of the neo... 
I like to propose the alternative Frontend, to have an OpenMoko/NSLU2 at home
with syncronisation and to use NX to forward the X to your webbrowser...


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