Fwd: multicolour multi-touch screen Re: OpenMoko/Neo1973 is pure (r)evolution :))) - do you recognized the power of "multi-touch gesture recognition"

Jeff Andros whitedrought at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 02:46:42 CET 2006

> > No keystroke at all - using just the different color points - areas....
> > and use the combinatoric - 10 colour points without different areas
> > would give the power of 10! = 3.628.800 combinations
> > more areas would give more power

so... if we've got an optical system like this, would it also be possible to
use the screen to scan in small documents(business cards) I think I saw
something like this years back, and this would be a perfect platform for
that  idea... especially if we can throw in some OCR

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