Bluetooth, WiFi, Australian Market

Ben shadroth at
Thu Nov 30 04:33:24 CET 2006

First of all, I'd like to say how great this project looks. OpenMoko
will make phones the way they should be. I've been through various
multifunction smart phones and I haven't been impressed:

Nokia 9210 - too fiddly, limited software
Sony Ericsson P910 - screen too small, limited software
Nokia 7710 - too slow, almost no software.

I do have a few concerns about the hardware for the FIC 1973 though.

I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world, but in Australia
the price of mobile data (ie. GPRS/3G/etc.) is incredibly high.
Relying on GPRS or quad band based methods of data access and
synchronisation would push the phone into the too expensive category
for many.

Having access to Bluetooth of WiFi for data in and around the office
would be of great importance. WiFi would be great when out and about
for data. I'd happily pay more for built in WiFi and Bluetooth, as I'd
save USD$50+/month on mobile data and in most locations I'd have more
reliable and faster data access.

WiFi would also make the phone usable as a VoIP handset -  so
essentially the 1973 would be the only phone that you ever need:
Quadband Mobile & VoIP via WiFi. This would allow for further savings
to be made, so an even higher purchase price could be justified.

Mobile Office:
Bluetooth is essential for a multifunction mobile device. There is
nothing more irritating than having to keep moving a phone away from
your ear, so you can write notes. Wired headsets are inconvenient and
speaker phones are not appropriate in many environments.

I would be very hesitant about getting this phone unless it had
Bluetooth or WiFi. Both would be preferred. 802.11b is totally fine.

With Bluetooth and WiFi added to the specs this phone would not only
be unique, but highly desirable in the market as an all in one device
(just add IR to make it a true universal remote).

My budget for the FIC 1973:
USD$300 with no WiFi or BT.
USD$450 with BT, but no WiFi
USD$700 with WiFi, no BT
USD$950 with WiFi & BT
(based on current exchange rate: 1 AUD = ~0.78 USD)

Alternatively, could you make a communications add-on pack? (I don't
mind big phones) with BT, WiFi and maybe even IR included?


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