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Thu Nov 30 05:00:31 CET 2006

On 11/29/06, Ben <shadroth at> wrote:
> First of all, I'd like to say how great this project looks. OpenMoko
> will make phones the way they should be. I've been through various
> multifunction smart phones and I haven't been impressed:
> Nokia 9210 - too fiddly, limited software
> Sony Ericsson P910 - screen too small, limited software
> Nokia 7710 - too slow, almost no software.
> I do have a few concerns about the hardware for the FIC 1973 though.
> I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world, but in Australia
> the price of mobile data (ie. GPRS/3G/etc.) is incredibly high.
> Relying on GPRS or quad band based methods of data access and
> synchronisation would push the phone into the too expensive category
> for many.
> Data:
> Having access to Bluetooth of WiFi for data in and around the office
> would be of great importance. WiFi would be great when out and about
> for data. I'd happily pay more for built in WiFi and Bluetooth, as I'd
> save USD$50+/month on mobile data and in most locations I'd have more
> reliable and faster data access.
> VoIP:
> WiFi would also make the phone usable as a VoIP handset -  so
> essentially the 1973 would be the only phone that you ever need:
> Quadband Mobile & VoIP via WiFi. This would allow for further savings
> to be made, so an even higher purchase price could be justified.
> Mobile Office:
> Bluetooth is essential for a multifunction mobile device. There is
> nothing more irritating than having to keep moving a phone away from
> your ear, so you can write notes. Wired headsets are inconvenient and
> speaker phones are not appropriate in many environments.
> I would be very hesitant about getting this phone unless it had
> Bluetooth or WiFi. Both would be preferred. 802.11b is totally fine.
> With Bluetooth and WiFi added to the specs this phone would not only
> be unique, but highly desirable in the market as an all in one device
> (just add IR to make it a true universal remote).
> My budget for the FIC 1973:
> USD$300 with no WiFi or BT.
> USD$450 with BT, but no WiFi
> USD$700 with WiFi, no BT
> USD$950 with WiFi & BT
> (based on current exchange rate: 1 AUD = ~0.78 USD)
> Alternatively, could you make a communications add-on pack? (I don't
> mind big phones) with BT, WiFi and maybe even IR included?
> Ben
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You mean something like the old school ipaq sleds?

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