Publish the mechanical specs as well (was: Re: Bluetooth, WiFi, Australian Market)

Jeff Andros whitedrought at
Thu Nov 30 07:16:46 CET 2006

> Which brings up another point: Usually "open" refers to the software and
> hardware, but a third component is the mechanical. If the connectors are
> commonly available, and if FIC publishes all the important dimensions and
> locations, it would be possible for third parties and even capable
> hobbyists
> to build sleds, desk cradles, and other such fixtures.
> Michael
Maybe right now would be a good time to get some kind of standardization on
this... it would have to be really flexible but when this whole thing takes
off [crosses fingers] and other manufacturers start making phones on the
standard[crosses toes], it would be really nice if the accessories were

I'm not sure how feasible this would be, I remember HP getting bogged down
with the IPaq sleds because it meant that their pocketpc's were like 10
times clunkier than everyone else's, but there's got to be a way to
standardize this without locking the phones into being all the same...
possibly some kind of support pins that socket in on either side of the
docking connector, and a standard distance from the back of the device to
the docking connector?

I'd love it if it was flexible enough that one day we could see a clamshell
model (dual touchscreens anyone?)

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