Bluetooth, WiFi, Australian Market

Joel Newkirk moko at
Thu Nov 30 09:07:43 CET 2006

Ben wrote:

> I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world, but in Australia
> the price of mobile data (ie. GPRS/3G/etc.) is incredibly high.
> Relying on GPRS or quad band based methods of data access and
> synchronisation would push the phone into the too expensive category
> for many.

I'm in the eastern US, with T-Mobile.  I get unlimited GPRS/EDGE data as
a $20/mo add-on.  That's an unusual plan though - T-Mo don't offer it
anymore. (Internet3-VPN plan, FWIW)  Speeds in the US have increased the
past few years, but so have average prices.

> Data:
> Having access to Bluetooth of WiFi for data in and around the office
> would be of great importance. WiFi would be great when out and about
> for data. I'd happily pay more for built in WiFi and Bluetooth, as I'd
> save USD$50+/month on mobile data and in most locations I'd have more
> reliable and faster data access.

I too would be a sure sell with wifi and bluetooth, interested but
uncertain without.  (with those two, it would replace both my zaurus and
my cell)  I'd really like to see EDGE support too, but the 33k average I
get via GPRS is still quite useful.

> VoIP:
> WiFi would also make the phone usable as a VoIP handset -  so
> essentially the 1973 would be the only phone that you ever need:
> Quadband Mobile & VoIP via WiFi. This would allow for further savings
> to be made, so an even higher purchase price could be justified.

Currently wifi VOIP handsets range in price from $200 to $600 USD.  Food
for thought - that's solely a wifi phone.  The ability to seamlessly and
automatically switch among various carrier options like
VOIP-over-wifi/VOIP-over-GPRS/GSM would be quite a selling point IMHO.


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