Light sensor

Sven Neuhaus sven-openmoko at
Thu Nov 30 09:48:00 CET 2006

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> > On 11/30/06 3:32 AM, "Robert Michel" <openmoko at> wrote:
>> >> But this light sensor could also combined with localisation, time and
>> >> provile (or movement sensor)
>> >> E.g. when I'm at home and the light sensor detects light at 2 o'clock
>> >> in the morning, I will still be reachable for calls from my frinds.
> >
> > Combined with automatically switching profiles (AGPS stuff) this is
> > really an amazing idea.

Agreed - fascinating possibilities! FYI, the Motorola L2 phone has a light
sensor (it toggles the keypad light), so it's been done already, but - of
course - the closed software on that phone doesn't fully utilize it...


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