Mesh networking with Openmoko

Evgeny nad.oby at
Thu Nov 30 18:44:02 CET 2006

Thanks for releasing such a good alternative phone.
After WiFi enter in the picture in v2 (crossed fingers), Neo1973 platform
will turn most suitable piece of hardware to run some kind of mesh
networking protocol.
I'll try Netsukuku
Some reasons pro:
minimalistic in processor & memory consumption
there is already an netsukuku-internet gateway
just dreaming on possibility to when I'll get close to my friend with
Neo (netsukuku included) two netsuskuku daemons on the phones will
decide automatically, decision will be based on AGPS data, to switch
from Internet/Intranet
gateway connectivity to physical network.
Then my call (data transfer) will switch from VoIP to VoP2P
(or data connection will turn much _faster_).
The same thing when I'll came home: syncing with desktop/laptop
will turn on automatically on _fast_ WiFi line
On you work meting phones will create mesh network it will be possible
to run presentation from one Neo on many.
And so on.

I'll post on netsukuku mail list list concerning Neo1973/Openmoko
as a new promising platform

any comments or fresh Ideas?

P.S. Second thought, I want packet radio to, for long distance network
connects but not in the phone, standalone.

Nice day to all

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