Mesh networking with Openmoko

michael at michael at
Thu Nov 30 18:52:21 CET 2006

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Evgeny wrote:

> Hello
> Thanks for releasing such a good alternative phone.
> After WiFi enter in the picture in v2 (crossed fingers), Neo1973 platform
> will turn most suitable piece of hardware to run some kind of mesh
> networking protocol.

Very clever idea. I look forward to learning more in the sure-to-follow

> P.S. Second thought, I want packet radio to, for long distance network
> connects but not in the phone, standalone.

With the USB host port, you can plug your Neo to the
Universal Software Radio Peripheral, an implementation of Gnu Radio Hardware:

Then you run GNU radio on the Neo.

I know, it's huge. But just an example of what's possible, and of course it
could be made smaller if there was the demand.


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